Fredo loses it over the President & Goya


Fredo lost his mind. His giant Q-Tips must have gone too far into his head through his “little button nose,” see the last video. He’s been on the edge for quite some time. The President posed with cans of Goya in front of him on his desk, smiling at the time. That set Chris Fredo Cuomo off. He thinks it took a lot of time to pose apparently.

It drove him into a frenzy. He really wants Goya boycotted and ruined because the CEO mildly complimented President Trump.

Ivanka also posed with Goya, and that incensed the Twitter mob. Some of the Twitter mob want them charged with the Hatch Act.

Fredo and the other leftists think we should only talk about the pandemic. If you watch CNN and MSNBC, all you will see is pandemic hysteria and Trump is terrible, 24/7. Fox reports about the abuse of police, the rioters, and so on.


Here he is with his giant Q-tips:

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