Twitter’s hack revealed a top-secret panel they use to ban people


Accounts for Joe Biden’s, Bill Gates’, Jeff Bezos’, and Barack Obama’s were hacked, along with other blue checks. Messages were sent out from the accounts asking for people to send them bitcoin payments to allegedly double their money. The blue checks then had their accounts frozen for an hour. Oh, the horrors. It made them quite upset. Now they know what it’s like.

And, just so you know, Donald Trump Jr. is still locked out of his account.

However, what was uncovered was far more interesting. It showed that Twitter administrators are liars and do exactly what they’ve claimed under oath that they don’t do.

They have a top-secret administration panel that gives them the ability to shadow-ban and trend-ban.

We knew it, but now there is proof.

If you have watched the trends, it’s mostly far-left, anti-Trump, and pro-pandemic closures.

It seems that Twitter employees have the direct ability to blacklist certain trends.

They can also search ban which is no different from shadow banning. I know myself that I was searching for Ric Grenell a number of times and couldn’t find him. He’s fairly famous. It happens a lot when I search for conservatives, even liberal Jews who support Israel.

Twitter has long denied that they shadow-ban, including in writing.

If you can’t find someone in search results, that is shadow banning.

Twitter is a private company and can do as they please apparently, but lying and lying under oath is a step too far.

Facebook is getting worse also. They are taking down articles we post that are accurate by claiming it goes against their amorphous ‘community standards’ and there is no way to appeal.

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