Free Community College for Black Men Was Established for Marxist Equity


The Chicago-area Oakton Community College has started an academy exclusively for black men in collaboration with the nearby Evanston Township High School.

It sounds racist and misogynist to us. It’s not in alignment with American values or MLK Jr’s values.

The Emory Williams Academy for Black Men, which launches this fall, will provide a two-year academic program that culminates in an associate degree, assistance transferring to a four-year university, or other vocational opportunities.

The program will also offer financial aid, scholarships, and “additional financial resources,” its website states.

The Daily Northwestern reported it’s a “free degree program for Black, male-identifying locals.”

The program is a pathway to some good careers like engineering and computer science. But one is cannabis studies. When did pot become a college major for black men?

Their values: “We advance equity by acknowledging the harm perpetrated against Black men by systemic racism in all levels of their education, and intentionally disrupting it here at the College.”

Equity is Marxist and it’s very subjective and unfair. It’s so divisive and anti-American. They assume there is systemic racism but we have not seen it in education or medicine – we are very familiar with those fields. It’s an invention of white leftists.

Perhaps the school is well-intentioned but these people need to have some lessons on the Constitution.

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1 year ago

Educating Black People is a great idea, but if the only Major is in Social Justice it will just make things worse.