Free speech is now a ‘competing equity,’ not a given right


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told senators Wednesday during a 230 hearing by the Commerce committee that free speech is an “equity” that should be weighed against other considerations. That’s our First Amendment he is talking about.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said that Facebook is “picking winners and losers” and that the company is “inserting itself” into the issue of free speech. “Is the First Amendment a given right, or is that a competing equity?” she asked, referencing Zuckerberg’s earlier commentary.

“I believe strongly in free expression,” Zuckerberg replied. “But I do think that, like all equities, it is balanced against other equities, like safety and privacy.”

“Even the people who believe in the strongest possible interpretation of the First Amendment still believe there should be some limits on speech when it could cause risk of imminent physical harm. The kind of famous example that’s used is that you can’t shout fire in a crowded theater,” Zuckerberg added. “So I think that getting those equities right and the balance right is the challenge that we face.”

And who will decide what we can say and how we say it? The media?

Facebook is censoring the NY Post articles about Joe and Hunter Biden’s China deal.

Senator Blackburn also noted in speaking with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that he censored Joe Biden zero times and Donald Trump 65 times.

Senator Blackburn has made herself clear:

If anyone thinks these two leftists care about our rights or the Constitution, they’re nuts. This new definition is very dangerous and don’t expect Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to protect any of our rights. They have clearly agreed with Mr. Zuckerberg in the recent past. Biden has demanded ads and posts unfavorable to him be removed.

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