Greenwald quits publication he co-founded over censorship to protect Joe Biden


Glenn Greenwald publicly posted a letter of resignation from The Intercept, the left-wing publication he co-founded.  He said editors at The Intercept refused to publish an article of his unless he deleted “all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden…”

The journalist, who helped break news on classified NSA surveillance programs leaked by former contractor Edward Snowden about a decade ago, asserted that The Intercept’s decision and his choice to resign shows there is a trend of “repression, censorship and ideological homogeneity plaguing the national press generally,” and “have engulfed the media outlet I co-founded, culminating in censorship of my own articles.”

He is a man of the left who still believes in free speech. It’s sad how united the media is on getting the senile Joe Biden elected.

Imagine not being able to post the truth about Joe Biden and the media on your own publication.

The article he was prevented from publishing can be read on this link. the title of the article is: THE REAL SCANDAL: U.S. MEDIA USES FALSEHOODS TO DEFEND JOE BIDEN FROM HUNTER’S EMAILS.

He said the Hunter laptop “provoked extraordinary efforts by a de facto union of media outlets, Silicon Valley giants, and the intelligence community to suppress these stories.”

Instead of requiring Biden to address the most basic, relevant questions, “journalists have instead led the way in concocting excuses to justify his silence.”

In the piece, he also condemned the fraudulent accusation of ‘Russian disinformation.’

Greenwald detailed the very powerful evidence against Hunter and Joe Biden, although, so far,  “no proof has been offered by Bubolinski that Biden ever consummated his participation in any of those discussed deals.”

No one ever said the deals were consummated, a point Greenwald made. We simply don’t know.

The article is a serious, evidence-heavy indictment against the press and the compromised Biden family.

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Rainbow Horizon
Rainbow Horizon
3 years ago

Hat tip to the journalist Greenwald. Better to have honor than be a hivemind groupthinker sellout.

O/T-Enemedia Capital City local chapter reported that Shillary got 30,000 less votes than Hussein Hopenchange in 2016 and the CPUSA sued the county to have more early voting stations.
A “conservative” judge sided with them and allowed a handful of early polling places to open.
Even a deep Red State has comrades busy like rust or the devil never resting.

the Bruce
the Bruce
3 years ago

“DoJ confirms FBI investigating Hunter Biden for money laundering”. What a joke. Wray’s FBI is possibly the most corrupt agency in the swamp. They will bury everything that they can.

3 years ago

We now have a State propaganda media supporting the Left and censoring anything else.