Free-state California plans for reparations to pay for slavery


California Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, D-San Diego, calling for reparations.

California took a giant step towards giving reparations to Californians allegedly descended from slaves. It would set a very dangerous precedent. California set up a task force to study the issue and make recommendations. But it’s really just pro forma. The deal is sealed.

They can’t give enough of white peoples’ money away fast enough.

They claimed the nine-member commission is bipartisan — it was 33-3 in the Saturday vote.

The measure returns to the Assembly for a final vote before lawmakers adjourn for the year on Monday,. Assembly members overwhelmingly approved an earlier version of the bill.


“Let’s be clear: Chattel slavery, both in California and across our nation, birthed a legacy of racial harm and inequity that continues to impact the conditions of Black life in California,” said Democratic Sen. Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles.

She cited disproportionate homelessness, unemployment, involvement in the criminal justice system, lower academic performance, and higher health risks during the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the Marxist principle of disparate outcome which ignores all the things that go into making people successful.

Although California before the Civil War was officially a free state, Mitchell listed legal and judicial steps state officials took at the time to support slavery in Southern states while repressing Blacks.

The legislation requires the task force to study the impact of slavery in California and recommend to the Legislature by July 2023 the form of compensation that should be awarded, how it should be awarded, and who should be should be eligible for compensation.

They plan to do it.


They might also recommend other forms of rehabilitation or redress.

In the last two years, Texas, New York, and Vermont have considered similar legislation, according to a legislative analysis. It said reparations could take the form of cash, housing assistance, lower tuition, forgiving student loans, job training, or community investments, for instance.

This is nothing more than communism and is far more about destroying the country and redistributing all wealth than it is about race.

“If the 40-acres-and-a-mule that was promised to free slaves were delivered to the descendants of those slaves today, we would all be billionaires,” state Sen. Steven Bradford, D-Gardena, said. “I hear far too many people say, ‘Well, I didn’t own slaves, that was so long ago.’ Well, you inherit wealth — you can inherit the debt that you owe to African-Americans.

I don’t owe anyone anything. My ancestors fought in the Civil War for the Union. One died in Andersonville. I spent 9 years working with inner-city youth — very troubled children. And I could go on, but I will not pay people who earned nothing from me. It’s worse than simply taxation without representation.

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