NPR fears labeling Portland’s peaceful protests as ‘riots’ is RACIST


National Public Radio, which taxpayers help fund, recently hosted author Vicky Osterweil who defended looting. She also said calling the nearly 100 days of violence and destruction in Portland a ‘riot’ could serve as an example of internalized racism. they weren’t done with that line of thinking.

Last night, a Trump and police supporter was murdered in Portland. The antifa/BLM rioters cheered and danced at the news. They are our American ISIS and Portland has become an American s__hole.

Just a few days ago, NPR noted that demonstrations in Portland have often turned violent [always turn violent] and that protesters [rioters] have attempted, many times, to burn buildings, including a federal courthouse, a police union hall, and a public safety building located in one of the city’s residential neighborhoods.


However, since Oregon was founded as a white state, NPR suggests police calling it a ‘riot’ is tapping into the state’s systemic racism.

The biggest problem with that is most of the offenders are WHITE.

“Between May 29 and Aug. 27, the Portland Police Bureau declared 23 riots and 22 unlawful assemblies (that doesn’t include nights that started as unlawful assemblies and were later declared riots). But the laws governing those declarations are vague and have roots in Oregon’s deeply racist past,” NPR said Friday.

Seriously, that’s what they said.

“Oregon began as a white-only state. While it banned slavery at its founding, the state adopted strict Black exclusionary laws which had been in place in the territory for decades. The law banned Black people from living in the state or owning property,” it continued.

Oregon agitators claim the riots are declared, not because of violence and destruction, but to silence anyone who questions Portland’s law enforcement structure.

NPR has joined with the rest of the major media telling Americans that riots are not riots. Looting is not grand theft. Property destruction is to be ignored. Even killing someone leads one to believe that there is systemic racism.

Water bottles with frozen water are PROTESTERS WEAPONS OF CHOICE, writes NPR. In other words, they don’t really have weapons.

Don’t believe your lying eyes, says taxpayer-funded NPR. There is s word for this — gaslighting.

These Democrat ‘mostly peaceful protests’ are going on throughout the nation:

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