Free (taxpayer-funded) heroin pipes and booty-bumping kits in Seattle


A taxpayer-funded homeless shelter, The Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), is encouraging heroin users to administer drugs rectally. They are even doling out pipes to those who want to smoke it instead.

They hung fliers at their Navigation Center informing addicts about the types of free drug use paraphernalia the shelter can provide.

“New at the Nav!!! Booty bumping kits,” one flier blared. It gleefully listed the benefits of administering heroin rectally. [Are they trying to kill these people?]

“Good choice if your veins are hard to hit. Less risk of infection and abscesses. Less damage to skin and veins. Doesn’t leave tracks,” the taxpayer-funded shelter boasted. “As the front desk for kits and more info.”

A second flier urged addicts to consider smoking heroin instead of injecting it.

“Smoking is a lower-risk alternative to injection,” the flier read. “Give it a try!”

Staff members were also told to give them free pipes.

“You can now get 3 kinds of glass – bubbles, stems, and hammers,” the flier read. “You can get one kind of each pipe once a week. Extra screens and mouthpieces are available at the front desk.”

No this didn’t come from the Babylon Bee.

This is Marxist social justice and the administration wants you to believe reflects our values.

How incredibly stupid these people are.


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2 years ago

Drug addicts are easy to control. Give them free stuff and they’ll vote for anything/anyone. Commies love dopes & dopers.

Mötley Crüe Is A Gateway
Mötley Crüe Is A Gateway
2 years ago

The Roto-Rooter kits are hecho en China? (hee har)
Hey we had nothing to do with the Opium Wars and don’t forget the Flying Tigers, comrades.
What the chronic (weed) just isn’t strong enough any more, and now let’s hear from those no it isn’t a gateway true believers.
If the socialist utopia is so wonderful then why the need to escape reality by getting high?

O/T-Just watched a video of CCP Joe fumbling over millstone vs. milestone regarding shootings while he attempted to read some notes, face palmingly sad and not funny at all.