Freebie Bernie says “it costs a little bit of money, so what?”


Socialist Bernie Sanders speaking to college students about the multi-trillion-dollar programs he supports, says “It costs a little bit of money, so what?”

Bernie admitted his Medicare For All alone will cost up to $40 trillion dollars and he will tax the middle class. Doctors, pharma, medical personnel, all medical everything continues according to the dictates of the government.

The estimated cost of the free college program is $47 billion a year. That would cover, Sanders estimates, 67% of the $70 billion it costs for tuition at public colleges and universities. States [many are already in financial difficulties], he proposes, would cover the remaining 33%. Also, colleges then become an arm of the Federal government.

Those are only two of his programs. Currently, we owe almost $23 trillion, take in about 3.4 trillion and spend about $4.4 trillion with a deficit of $1 trillion a year.

Those are only two of the freebies he is shopping around.

Where does this money come from? It doesn’t matter says Bernie, don’t listen to them, THINK BIG!

“It costs a little bit of money, so what?”




  1. This reminds me of a quote about government spending by Senator Everette Dirksen who was Illinois’ last US Senator who was worth anything: “A few million here and a few million there. Pretty soon we’re talking about real money.” Back when Senator Dirksen was serving a million dollars was almost unimaginable to everyday Americans. Now many have million dollar homes. But a trillion dollars is just plain ludicrous and our government put us in debt of more than 22 trillion dollars.
    Did you know Jesus walked the earth about 2000 years ago but a trillion seconds equals about 32000 years? Bernie is dangerous and so is every other politician who demonstrates this lack of respect for taxpayers’ money.

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