Freedom Convoy Co-Organizer Tamara Lich Arrested in Ottawa – Updated


Most of what was said about the truckers was a complete lie, almost every bit of it. The Emergencies Act that Trudeau is using is for wartime and actual terrorists. At worst, the truckers were annoyances. Trudeau and his evil administration plan to destroy these people and donors!

There is no free speech in Canada. This is why we have to fight for our free speech in this country.

We have a fascist state on the border to remind us how important our freedoms are in this country.

As she was taken away by the police, she yelled, “Hold the line.” Actually, I wish they had left so they didn’t have to suffer like this.

Earlier in the day, one of the organizers Chris Barber was arrested. A lawyer for the group, Keith Wilson, said Mr. Barber was arrested on allegations that included counseling to commit mischief and obstruction of justice. Ms. Lich was charged with counseling mischief, he added.

These are the same politicians behind this who didn’t mind radical leftists burning down over fifty churches.

Lich knew it was coming.

In the meantime, the Trudeauite fascists wouldn’t let conservatives debate.

The last clip was added after publication.

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