Hillary Was Booed This Week


Hillary Clinton might run for president for the third time, according to the pundits. Why not make it three losses? The reason is clear. She is corrupt and has not only damaged her party since the 1990s, but she is also destroying democracy in the United States. On the other hand, she’d lose and that is what we want as Democrats move hard left.

Hillary’s close allies spied on the Trump campaign and on Donald Trump as President. To imagine her not knowing what was going on, or even that she instigated it is a stretch. Her speeches and tweets before and after the Alpha Bank and Russia gate conspiracies present strong circumstantial evidence that she had a lot to do with it. However, it is circumstantial at this point.

She was booed in Manhattan yesterday, but in her mind, all that means is the crazies are acting up again. The deplorables fail to recognize her greatness. She waved as they chanted, “Lock her up.”

Watch this short clip of her lying speech at the DNC. She sounds like she might run. Hillary blames Fox, Trump, and the right-wing for the spying allegations, but her problem is not with them. She has a problem with the DOJ Special Prosecutor:

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