Freight Train of Regulations Coming to Destroy Small Businesses


Small businesses are the backbone of capitalism. Without them, capitalism doesn’t survive. That makes one wonder if the taxes and regulations heading our way are deliberate.

Economist Peter St. Onge warns that a freight train of regulations will soon hit small businesses. The following paraphrases the clip at the end.

The Job Creators Network said that $1.2 trillion in new regulations is about to hit America and will directly affect small businesses. That’s on top of the $1.9 trillion we already lose to regulations, $10,000 per household. It comes to $10,000 in new regulations on top of $15,000 in regulations we already pay.

Twenty cents of every dollar you earn is snagged by regulatory costs that you never see on top of taxes on top of new rules. There are manufacturing restrictions on pretty much everything in your house, including dishwashers, water heaters, ceiling fans, lightbulbs, gas stoves, washing machines, and, of course, air conditioners.

The new rules for the climate change hoax will raise the price of a washing machine by $200 and the furnace by $500. The cost of refilling your air conditioner will increase by over $1000. It could push some products like gas stoves out of existence altogether.

One study by Cambridge University found that regulations have added between $6,000 and $7,000 dollars to the cost of a car and have wiped out cheaper models altogether; of course, none of that is a problem for the 1%. They will still drive Bentleys and crank the heat up in winter. It’s a positive bonanza for the huge companies whose donations bought all of those lovely regulations.

As for us peasants, wear another sweater and take the bus, and buy the crap products.

Using the Climate Change Hoax to Destroy Business in America

This flood of regulations is driving tens of thousands of factories and businesses overseas.

To illustrate, the National Association of Manufacturers estimates that it currently costs $30,000 in regulatory compliance alone for every manufacturing worker. For small manufacturers, the mom-and-pop, that actually comes to $50,000 in regulatory costs. They can’t spread it out over as many workers, so that is literally more than the salary that goes to regulatory compliance alone.

Upcoming rules are targeting precisely these small businesses, most notoriously on climate disclosure, climate change procurement, basically locking small companies out of selling to the federal government, and a “transparency rule on climate that would hit 11 million small firms with nearly $100 billion in fresh costs.”

Many, of course, will just give up and close shop.

The rules are part of 5300 rules imposed since Obama. Trump had briefly reversed the tide. Remember, he took out two regulations for every new one, but Joe Biden’s handlers have doubled down, even outdoing the famously destructive Obama in terms of job-crushing regulations that make everything you buy suck.

There is a ray of hope in an upcoming Supreme Court decision called Loper v Raimondo brought by a fishing boat that was forced to pay $700.00 a day for regulator ride-alongs. If not the regulatory strangle will continue trillion by trillion until your jobs are in China, your furnace is just for show, and you need a mortgage to buy a car made of tin cans.


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