Released to Murder a Child Due to Open Borders in Soulless USA


The two suspects charged with capital murder in connection with the death of a 12-year-old Texas girl were detained and released by U.S. Border Patrol in the months before the killing.

Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, and Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 22, “both illegally entered the U.S. without inspection, parole or admission by a U.S. immigration officer on an unknown date and at an unknown location,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement to PEOPLE.

The spokesperson said Ramos had been detained by border patrol agents near El Paso on May 28, and Martinez had been detained near the same city on March 14. The Venezuelan nationals were then released on orders of recognizance with notices to appear in court later.

The suspect arraigned on Monday, Franklin Peña, is accused of cutting off an ankle monitor issued by Border Patrol after Jocelyn’s death.

He was bad enough to warrant an ankle monitor, but he’s allowed to come into the country. And then they got to murder and torture a child. Politicians who allow this are completely soulless!

Both men are now being held in Harris County Jail on capital murder charges, the agency spokesperson confirmed.

Jocelyn Nunguray fought for her life.

“At his arrest, he had a bite marks on his arm and scratch marks on his arms,” Harris County Assistant District Attorney Megan Long revealed on Tuesday following the hearing. “He did say that he did tie her up and that he suggested that they throw her into the bayou to get rid of any DNA.”

“We have gotten into Martinez-Rangel’s phone and found evidence that he was searching for ways to leave the country once his image was released to the media,” Long also said.


They’re flight risks. They are monsters. Why were they given bail at all?

Martinez-Rangel was told by a judge that if he posts bail, he must wear a GPS monitor, remain under constant house arrest in Harris County, and have no contact with fellow suspect Peña Ramos or Nungaray’s family, among other restrictions. The judge said any violation could potentially land him back in state custody. Peña Ramos was given the same restrictions on Monday.

“The evidence is clear that a sexual assault likely happened. But since neither defendant has actually admitted that, circumstantial evidence will have to prove it,” she said. “We are waiting on lab tests now to see if the capital murder charge can be upgraded to one where they are death penalty eligible.”


Court documents shed light on disturbing details from the case, revealing that the suspects allegedly lured Jocelyn under a bridge, spending more than two hours with her before her tragic death. It was reported that they subsequently disposed of her body in a bayou.

The victim was found bound and without clothing from the waist down in the water. If she was raped as well as strangled, they are eligible for the death penalty.

I’ll pull the switch.


Our politicians, the Democrats in particular, are responsible for her abuse and death, and she is one of many. They have quickly made us into the third world, and we won’t be out of it any time soon.

Restoration News set up, and if you click on your state, you can see what illegal foreigners committed crimes. Texas, Florida, and California are a mess.

Many crimes go unreported, or the criminal is not caught. However, it doesn’t matter how many crimes were committed. These are people who shouldn’t be here, and those crimes should never have taken place.


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