French Leader Promises Rule by Diktat & Recognition of Palestine


Jean-Luc Melenchon, the leader of the left-wing New People’s Front alliance,  vows to recognize the State of Palestine.

The New Popular Front, an alliance comprising four left-wing parties, emerged as the leading force with 178 deputies.

Centrist and left-wing candidates worked together to defeat the National Rally by having their candidates (200) drop out of races where the other party had a better chance of winning.

The largest party within the alliance, France Unbowed, is headed by Melenchon. They’re a party of communists and miscreants.


Melenchon highlighted the potential for significant decisions to be made “by decree” on both national and international fronts, emphasizing that recognizing the State of Palestine would be one of their first actions “as quickly as possible.”

Decrees are dictates, exactly what they claimed LePen would do but wouldn’t.

Macron’s Together for the Republic alliance secured 150 seats, while the far-right National Rally alliance garnered 125 seats.

Jean Luc Melanchon. Communists are winning in the West.

The absence of an absolute majority, defined as 289 deputies in the parliament, necessitates collaboration among various political parties and alliances to establish a new government.

The radicals have to form a coalition government with the so-called centrists, who are socialists.

The popular vote went to LePen, but the establishment commies won.

Jews Are Fearful

Some Jews were relieved LePen didn’t win and voted for the anti-semitic communists. They say they are fearful now.

Other Jews fear the far-left more.

According to The Times of Israel, “We are quite angry and disappointed,” political scientist Jean-Yves Camus said. “As Jews, we feel betrayed. And we think it would have been much better if the Socialist party had not entered into this kind of alliance with the far left.”

Many French Jews say that rhetoric from the far left has opened a door to antisemitism. According to a poll from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Europe, 92% of French Jews believe that France Unbowed has “contributed” to rising antisemitism.

Recognizing statehood to Palestine – terrorists – won’t bode well for Israel.

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