All the News About Vegas Mass Killer Stephen Paddock


A lot of information came out today in a Friday dump, perhaps that’s a coincidence. Some of the information we have in this article cannot be verified but we are going for it anyway.

Who trusts the FBI

David Clarke sent out a tweet on Thursday, “I’ve been in law enforcement nearly 40 years and I’m suspicious about everything. We need to engage the public more.” He’s not buying the story and much of the public isn’t either.

How can we not be suspicious? Who trusts the FBI? Perhaps they are trying to catch accomplices and have to keep it under wraps, but they are deceitful.

One example of why the FBI can’t be trusted is the Hodgkinson case. They reported that James Hodgkinson’s attempted massacre of congressmen in an Arlington ballfield was an “assault”. As it turns out, the Arlington prosecutor came out with a report Friday calling it an “act of terrorism” fueled by “rage” at Republican legislators. The FBI still hasn’t called it terrorism incited by hate.

After Comey’s performance and Mueller’s witch hunt, how can we trust them?

Las Vegas Sheriff Lombardo seems like a straight arrow and has been open. The FBI on the other hand announced 12 hours into the investigation that the shooting appeared to have no ties to terrorism and they weren’t treating it as an act of terrorism. A former Trump campaign official James Scooping said the FBI was unaware of Paddock’s online profile and that is why they didn’t consider it an IS attack. They now think it is ISIS, according to him, which we cannot confirm.

Wednesday night a press conference was held jointly by the FBI and the local Sheriff in Las Vegas concerning the Las Vegas shooting. The Sheriff was forthcoming but not the FBI.

Instead of providing any information, the Special Agent In Charge for the Las Vegas Division of the FBI said:

Our resolve is firm. We will get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes…we must focus on facts. We cannot give into conjecture. We cannot respond to every little Twitter feed that may indicate a theory. We need to be focused on the facts. You need us to be right. You expect us to be right and we want to be right.

It’s frustrating for them to see the tweets and conspiracy theories but it is because they are not transparent. It feeds conspiracy theories and it harms their reputation further. They work for us and they act like little demagogues plus they lie. They can thank Comey for the lack of trust.

Was Paddock radicalized?

Meanwhile, ISIS is insisting again today that Stephen Paddock converted to Islam six months ago. They released their weekly report with an infographic. They could easily be lying, it’s ISIS after all.

It was confirmed by the NY Times and CNN Friday that Paddock has taken cruises to the Middle East, which is interesting.

Also interesting is the fact that ISIS has called for mass killings in Las Vegas via their Amaq news service.

The Las Vegas Sheriff had once suggested Paddock could have been radicalized but since then all we hear from the Feds is there is nothing to suggest ties to an international terrorist group.

They work for us and we want answers.

Independent reporter Laura Loomer, who has worked for Project Veritas, has been doing her own investigation and has come up with some interesting information though we cannot verify all of it.

This we can confirm: she tweeted that the Feds arrested a Philippine citizen and two others, one a Canadian, planning an ISIS plot in New York City the same week we found out Stephen Paddock transferred more than $100,000 to the Philippines. They were planning to target concerts, the subway, Times Square and subways.

The FBI gave out the wrong check-in date

Three days ago, Ms. Loomer also said that a note inside the Mandalay valet center shows Paddock checked his van in three days before the FBI said he did. That meant he checked in on September 25th. Loomer said the car was logged in September 25th and her source told her the note was written by an FBI agent. The FBI has confirmed the check-in date.

Ms. Loomer said the FBI has issued at least one gag order on a bell hop who had access to Paddock’s baggage. If true, how the hell do they put a gag order on someone? Gag orders are for trials.

A former Trump official claims Paddock made a video

The former Trump campaign official Mr. Scooping claims the Vegas killer made an ISIS video. Until we see the video, we should not consider this too seriously. I know nothing about Mr. Scooping. We do question his statements. ISIS wants to be credited with the attack and should have released the video by now.

Marilou Danley caught in a lie?

Then there is the potential lying by the crazy girlfriend who might have moved out of the home she shared with Paddock in August. There might be more to Danley than we have been told. Who would stay with this man, claim to love him, and she doesn’t know anything about a thing? She’s probably innocent but then she’s not normal.

The Sun UK interviewed neighbors who said Paddock was a reclusive weirdo who kept his head down and never talked to anyone. They said he didn’t have any furniture, but he did have a huge safe. They think it was for his guns.

A neighbor, Suzy Page, 68, said he pulled up in a new silver minivan in the summer and packed up his things, never to be seen again. His girlfriend, Marilou Danley moved out in August according to the neighbor, which means Danley has been lying about that.

Meanwhile, all the left cares about is gutting the Second Amendment.

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5 years ago

I stumbled across a video with ALL the interviews of Eric Paddock. I started to realize this sounds Exactly like scenes from a Columbo episode where the culprit attempts to explain and rationalize everything. He tries explaining the family’s Entire life and rationalize anything suspicious. Would a person completely without any guilt go to such extents to explain so much.

5 years ago

They got to have video of Paddock hauling all these weapons into his room, he may have had them hidden in luggage, room service helping him haul it in, If no-one, except a hooker and room service, visited Paddocks room we have a lone idiot who killed people…… easily demonstrated from the CCTV, why not tell us if that is so?

5 years ago

WOW! Something is very very suspicious here. A caller who on the Wayne Dupree show says her husband is a manager at the Mandalay. He hid twenty people and was quartered for about eighteen hours. He was to receive some type of Commendation from the Government for his actions. For some odd and peculiar reason the FBI has said she cannot speak of it and must delete her Facebook posts about it. She tells that she is not allowed to say certain things. She gives a date of September 3rd as evidently when Paddock first arrived.

I was disappointed as both hosts kept interrupting and made it difficult to hear clearly what she was saying. I would call this revelation “explosive” yet the hosts thanked her for the call and went on to other things. If it were me I would have kept her on the line to see if there could be any other details she overlooked. I Have been getting more and more disappointed in their show as it is becoming more of a Donatathon than a self-described news program.