Frustrated NYC parents flood Catholic schools with applications


Catholic Schools in New York City opted for in-person classes, and now frustrated New York City public school parents are flooding the schools with applications.

The New York Post reports that parents are frustrated by the lack of full-time classes and general public school turmoil during the coronavirus.

Michael Deegan, superintendent of schools for the Archdiocese of New York, said that his schools made the resumption of full-time classes a priority and that parents have been flocking because of it.

“Parents were clearly impressed with our detail and the depth and the specificity of our plan,” he said. “That developed into trust, and the confidence that our parents have in our ability to manage this crisis.”

The Archdiocese of New York has received almost 2,000 applications.

The Catholic schools in Manhatten, the Bronx, and State Island have taken in 1,000 children.

Deegan pointed out that nothing can “replace the intimacy between a teacher and a child, five days a week. I must note that nothing can replace the social aspect of school, especially at younger ages.”

The Diocese of Brooklyn also saw a sharp hike in increase.

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