Funeral Businesses Are Booming Post-COVID


New Zealand, under the authoritarian leadership of Jacinda Ardern, who recently resigned, didn’t fare all that well after the rigid lockdowns. The nation of about 5 million people recorded the biggest increase in excess deaths in 100 years. In the US, the funeral business is booming post-COVID.

The Booming Funeral Business

According to Dr. Panda, “funeral services got a surge with COVID-19,” and now it’s a surge due to an increase in excess deaths.

The funeral service is booming. While we may not be able to trust the official numbers put out by our authorities – we look to other sources to verify our information. One example is Service Corporation International.

Service Corporation International, or SCI, is the largest provider of ‘deathcare’ products and services in North America. Their fourth-quarter results are out, and business is booming; so good, in fact, it exceeded expectations again. Generating $826 million for the full year 2022. A 26% increase over 2019 pre-pandemic levels.

Dr. Panda said SCI had a booming funeral business in 2020 and 2021. SCI expected it to return to normal in 2022. That didn’t happen. Business “exceeded” their expectations.

Vaccines weren’t mentioned – naturally – but they did mention heart disease, diabetes, ripple effects, etc.

The spike in excess death is common in the vaccinated Western World. Boosters are on a downward trend. Why is the media silent? As Dr. Panda asks, why did the media go nuts over an illness with a 99.9% survival rate but crickets over high excess death rates?

What do you think is going on with the increase in funerals?

Weekly excess deaths

New Zealand’s 100-Year Record-Breaking Excess Deaths

The New Zealand Herald reports:

The births and deaths figures, for the year ending December 2022, show there were 38,574 deaths in 2022, 10.4 per cent (3642) more than in 2021.

This increase – attributed to Covid-19 and an ageing population – is the biggest year-on-year jump since the 55.4 per cent (5835) spike in deaths following the 1918 flu pandemic.

Most of the increase in deaths occurred in older age groups where Covid-19 poses an increased mortality risk.

So, why didn’t the vaccines reduce excess deaths, even for the elderly? Ardern locked everyone down and kept them in their homes if one COVID case showed up.

One expert from the university says it would have been much worse if not for Ardern’s stringent response.

Almost every single person in New Zealand is vaccinated.

COVID morphed into less deadly strains in 2022. We don’t know how many died of heart attacks or other vaccine-related diseases.

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