Funny How We Knew Biden Would Abuse This


It is funny how we knew Biden would abuse the Defense Production Act once we went down this road. Democrats in Congress are cheering it on, gladly relinquishing their authority. They put lipstick on that pig.

Joe Biden is “forced to go it alone thanks to a stalled Congress” according to The Soapbox, a progressive publication.

Translation: The peoples’ representatives don’t want to do it so he’ll shove it down our throats like a dictator would.

The article is titled, The Defense Production Act Is Biden’s Gridlock-Buster. Actually, it’s a Constitution buster.

Defense funding, and now guns, are excuses for much of the abuse of congressional authority. RINOs go along with it in those cases.

Biden has triggered it multiple times in recent months, to respond to the baby formula shortage (he acquired an insignificant amount of baby formula), to boost production of solar panels, and to increase production of electric vehicle battery materials.

Solar panels and EV batteries are not emergencies. Yet, the only problem The Soapbox has with it is Biden won’t be president forever. They then go into a diatribe about how it’s to hard to go through Congress.

It’s Barack Obama redux. Obama envied the Chinese system without roadblocks to authority.

The Progressive Caucus communists and socialists back it!

“There is simply no way to meet the president’s climate goals with executive action alone,” Jayapal said. “As the people’s representatives, we have a moral and governing obligation to fight the climate crisis and pass legislation that will facilitate our transition away from fossil fuels and support frontline communities.”

Funny how it doesn’t matter to her that only progressives get a say.

Far-left Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown told The New Republic he didn’t want to concede Congress’s authority. But, the US should not worry “about process” – just worry “about getting things done.”

Funny how he ignores the Constitution and the peoples’ representatives.

Senator Ed Markey, a far-left Democrat, said these [constitutional violations] are “complementary” to the president’s actions.

Funny new take on “complementary”.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a red diaper baby, said Biden did the “right thing”.

Molly Reynolds, a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institute, a far-left think tank, agrees Congress may not yet have “fully ceded its authority on social and climate issues to the president.”

“I don’t know if I would go as far as to say that in the future, it will be only a president who does things that are more on the nondefense side of the ledger,” Reynolds said. “But I do think the politics and policy of defense spending have kept those legislative muscles moving in Congress, when they’ve kind of atrophied in some other areas.”

Funny, that.

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