Future Dems for Life — Single Men — Are Released Into Texas


Breitbart Texas is reporting that the Biden Regime is releasing single illegal alien men into Texas by the hundreds. You can watch the video clip here. They are his future Democrats. Many are undoubtedly criminals and many will become his Antifa or BLM brownshirts. That’s just the truth. Others will take jobs from citizens who are quickly losing their rights and wealth.

The illegals are laughing about it as they arrive and thanking Joe Biden.

Setting these people up and giving them benefits is costing American taxpayers a fortune. Our Medicare and Social Security systems are going broke, but somehow the Biden communists find the money for foreigners breaking our laws.

The goal of Democrats is to replace Americans. The people coming aren’t migrants. They’re illegal aliens breaking our laws at the invitation of the Democrat party.

Bill Melugin is still filming the never-ending parade of foreigners coming illegally from over 150 countries.

“A group of migrants just walked across the Rio Grande and crossed into Eagle Pass illegally right in front of us. A Border Patrol boat pulled up right as they were finishing the crossing. Most of them said they were from Haiti. They’re now being processed by BP,” Melugin explained.

A Democrat voter for life as they all will be:

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