S. Aussie Sen. Forced into Quarantine Camp–Media Tipped Off by the Government


South Australian Sen. Alex Antic spoke with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Thursday night. He said that despite several negative COV-19 test results, he was forced into a quarantine detention camp. The media was there to film it, which sounds political.

ABC News reports a new law went into effect in South Australia on Nov. 23. Unvaccinated travelers are only allowed back into the state with an “exemption.” They also must quarantine for two weeks.

Antic won’t divulge his vaccine status so he’s treated as if he’s unvaxxed.

Antic told Carlson, “I have been concerned about some of the powers that have been gifted to the unelected bureaucracy in this country for a long period of time. I’ve spoken about them quite forcefully.”

He said the authorities hadn’t done this in the past and this is an acceleration.

“Here’s the kicker,” Antic said: Ten minutes after he was told he would be going to the quarantine facility, he received a call from a journalist who knew all of the details.

The government and the media appear to work as one against the people.

“When I arrived at the airport, there was a camera crew and a photographer and a journalist all there to capture it,” Antic told Carlson. “I’ve never been more concerned about the things going on in this country.”

That has happened in this country, but Americans are still apathetic. Who can affect the Roger Stone affair?

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