FY2022, Over 700,000 Anonymous People Came Into Our New Country


In the fiscal year 2022 (beginning on October 1), there were more than 220,000 gotaways in addition to the hundreds of thousands who were caught or turned themselves in to Border Patrol.

“These are migrants [illegal aliens] detected on cameras/sensors, but there is no manpower to get to them. Stunning numbers for traditionally slower months,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin wrote on Twitter.

Since October 1, another 500,000 illegal aliens — unvetted — have been released into the United States

That brings the number entering to well over 700,000. Enjoy your new country. It will soon be a 3rd World Hellhole and only Democrats will be in charge.

The Biden regime is doing this while we have enemies throughout the world who want to destroy us. We have had Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and so on come in illegally, along with cartels and enormous amounts of drugs.

This is as bad as what is going on in Ukraine, perhaps worse since it appears to go unrecognized for the invasion it is.

While everyone looks to Ukraine, the United States is being destroyed. Instead of looking to Ukraine, look to the south.

Cartels are pouring across with trafficked children and adults and drugs:

We have no idea who these people are.

Children mean nothing to Democrats as long as they get new voters and destroy the United States. What was it Pelosi said was the reason for her running for Speaker once again? Oh, I remember, “It’s for the children, the children, the children.”

Single adult males – what could go wrong?

More children in danger but Democrats aren’t saying a word:

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