Dr. Bostic: Teaching Lab’s a Scam Lab, His Boss Is a Psycho


Project Veritas released Part Two of Dr. Bostic and The Teaching Lab. In Part I, Dr. Bostic calls himself an “evil salesman, ” pushing DEI, Critical Race Theory, into Georgia, where it’s illegal. As long as you don’t call it Critical Race Theory, you can teach it. He was glad the dumb Governor didn’t know since his wife is involved with education.

Dr. Quintin Bostic, who works there as a Content Manager, revealed he struggles with his organization’s business practices. He even referred to it as a “scam lab.”

In the video, Bostic says, “It [Teaching Lab] is like a scam lab.”

“My boss [Teaching Lab CEO Sarah Johnson] is a freaking psychopath…She’s running a non-profit, but it’s for profit.”

I’m guessing he will get fired, and he can look for a job he can be proud of, if he can get a job.

“I have people on my team who have never taught before but know sales…literally [they say] like, ‘I hate kids.’ I’m like, ‘Don’t say that in front of a partner, just keep it to yourself.’”

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

A “pox on the lot”…