Gaetz Has the Votes to Topple McCarthy – House Could Be Useless


According to Hakeem Jeffries, every Democrat will vote against Kevin McCarthy today. Matt Gaetz says he has enough votes to topple McCarthy. I hope Gaetz has a plan.

According to multiple procedural experts, a vacancy in the speaker’s chair would essentially paralyze the House until a successor is chosen. An interim speaker would be chosen from a list prepared by Mr. McCarthy and his staff at the beginning of the year, but staff intimately familiar with House rules say the role of that person would be to oversee a speaker election and little more.

If McCarthy isn’t ousted, Gaetz said he’d file a new motion daily.

The House is all we had, and it will now be useless.

McCarthy betrayed his promises but his position is unenviable. Conservatives don’t have enough power,

Donald Trump said yesterday:

Ron DeSantis commented:

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