Gaige Grosskreutz says he’s the victim of the deadly shooting in Kenosha


Gaige Grosskreutz, one of the three men shot by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, claimed he was an innocent victim during an interview on CNN.  But video does not bear that out.

CNN is also trying to make a victim out of Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot in the arm while pointing a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz made himself into a victim on CNN, and CNN backed him up.

While Gaige recuperated in the hospital, a friend of his said that Gaige’s only regret was not being able to kill 17-year-old Rittenhouse.

“So the kid shot Gaige as he drew his weapon and Gaige retreated with his gun in hand. I just talked to Gaige Grosskreutz too his only regret was not killing the kid and hesitating to pull the gun before emptying the entire mag into him. Coward,” a friend of Grosskreutz wrote in a chat.

CNN deliberately called Grosskreutz the “sole survivor.”

Rittenhouse shot two other potential antifa who were attacking him, and CNN made him into a survivor.

“I was shot point-blank with a .223 round from the shooter,” Grosskreutz said. “And I am now missing 90% of my bicep. This has not been easy emotionally, physically. I’m in constant pain, like excruciating pain that just doesn’t go away — both in my arm, in my heart.”

Grosskreutz told CNN that he is not a felon and that he has a license to carry his firearm.

“I’m not a felon,” he said. “I have my concealed carry, I’ve had it for years. That was my gun. My firearm. I had a legal right to possess it and to possess it concealed.”

“None of it is true, of what people have been saying as far as their assumptions toward me, at least,” he said. “I’m not an Antifa terrorist organizer. I am a 22-year-old male. I go to school. And yeah, I exercise my First Amendment right to peacefully protest.”

Grosskreutz argued that he never even used his gun that night.

Below is a close-up video of Rittenhouse shooting Grosskreutz in the arm. Grosskreutz is carrying a handgun.

Rittenhouse appeared to be about to get a bullet to the head, but he acted quickly and shot Grosskreutz in self-defense.

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