Iran executes wrestling champion despite worldwide pleas


The Iranian regime executed wrestling champion Navid Afkari on Saturday despite a global outcry including a public plea by President Trump.

His mother had called out for help on Friday. Navid and his brothers were arrested for protesting the regime.

He was brutally tortured before he died in this terrorist regime.

Remember when former President Obama and his Democrats attempted to give hegemony in the Middle East to this terror nation? President Trump meanwhile is forming agreements with Arab nations and Israel to stand strong against the evil Mullahs.

If Biden wins, he will jump back into the terrible nuclear deal and award more power to Iran’s Mullahs.

Iran tortured and executed a wrestling champion because he opposed the regime. Meanwhile, communists are violently trying to overthrow our government and nothing much happens to them. We should send them to Iran.

They are refusing to turn the body over to the family.




  1. Should Democrats and the Deep State manage to STEAL this election …. BE HONEST, IT IS THE ONLY WAY Biden/Harris CAN WIN, kiss good bye the peace agreements President Trump has brought.

    Conversely, COUNT on THIS, in his 2nd term, Trump will put an END to Iran. I fully expect him to put together a coalition of Middle East nations and end this evil regime.

  2. I think everyone who hates America and feels this is such a terrible country should all move to Iran and protest there. See how far they get when they throw a brick or carry an anti-government sign!

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