Gallup: Americans’ views of sports are in a negative free fall


Gallup polls Americans’ views of numerous businesses and has done so for 20 years. On Tuesday, they released new polls with stunning results on sports. Americans’ attitudes towards sports have fallen dramatically and are far more negative than at this time last year. It’s mostly fallen among Republicans and independents. That wasn’t true of other businesses.

Can the sports field handle losing a lot of Americans as they shove their Marxist mantras down peoples’ throats? Do they care?

1,031 American adults were polled, all 50 states and Washington DC were represented in the data, and the poll was conducted from July 30th through August 12th.

They’ve gone from +20 to -10 overall. This is before the athletes have gone into their Marxist dances game after game while kneeling for the anthem — if they even play it. Dropping the anthem so we don’t see kneelers is also a big win for the left who want to obliterate patriotism.

The drop for Republicans and Independents was the most dramatic.

Republicans went from +11 to -35, a 46-point drop. Independents went from +26 to -10, a 36-point drop.

Women are more negative than men and non-white Americans are more negative than white Americans. Non-white Americans were very positive in 2019 so their views are still +16 but it’s -22 among whites.

Gallup blames the virus and the culture changes.

Americans want entertainment in entertainment, sports in sports, and no politics in either. America is NOT an awful place and we need all social engineers to STHU and get off their knees.

Clay Travis discussed it on Outkick:

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Trotsky's Icepick
Trotsky's Icepick
3 years ago

Destroyed as part of the long march through the institution by the REDS.
It used to be a great escape on the weekend where you could forget about the world for awhile and just be entertained.
Sports are good for the mind and body but mixing in politics is not recommended.
Pampered millionaires who had others fill out their college work prattling on about oppression is a bad sell and it doesn’t fly.
People struggling just to get by working 9 to 5 jobs don’t feel any sympathy for the out of touch entertainers known as athletes.