GarageGate Is a “Clean-Up Operation”


As you know, a fourth batch of classified documents has been found in Joe Biden’s home, next to the infamous garage. Cristina Bobb has a solid explanation for why Biden’s lawyers were allowed to search for the classified documents. She believes it was a sanctioned “clean-up operation.”

Also of interest, Hunter rented the GarageGate house for $50,000 a month. It sounds like money laundering to us, but we don’t know. It needs to be investigated.


Donald Trump’s lawyer Cristina Bobb said Biden’s lawyers are handling the Garage-Gate scandal as a “clean-up job.”

It’s also very interesting that at least some documents are about Ukraine and are top secret. Ukraine was one of the Trump impeachment cases. Also, Biden threatened to withhold a billion tax dollars from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor he saw as a threat to Hunter’s lucrative job.

Bobb doesn’t believe that the media is telling the story honestly – not “for a second.” Watch:

Another strong possibility is with Hunter’s case heating up, someone in the DOJ, like Merrick Garland, warned Biden to clean up any files since they might have to search his homes and offices.

Either way, it’s a clean-up operation.

There is also the off-chance that someone spotted them and ratted Biden out.


The Post’s examination of Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop in the last year has exposed myriad foreign business schemes the then-Vice President’s son tried to shepherd. Last week The Post revealed dozens of sit-downs between Hunter and Joe Biden that were frequently scheduled just days after Hunter visited with foreign officials.

Ukraine and China were high on the list.

“Hunter Biden failed to register as a foreign agent during years of overseas business dealings — a possible crime that could finally land him in prison, experts say,” Jon Levine reports.

“The recent disclosures of additional foreign contacts has only strengthened what was already a strong case. Indeed, in the last few weeks, the compelling basis for a FARA charge has becomes unassailable and undeniable,” said George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley, who has testified before Congress on the issue.

“The influence peddling schemes directly reference the President and [Joe Biden] is repeatedly cited as a possible recipient of funds,” Turley said.

The clean-up operation will involve hiding all of the documents.

Money laundering and violations of foreign lobbying laws are part of the DOJ’s probe of Hunter. However, insiders say he could get a “generous plea deal.”

Watch NY Post Reporter Jon Levine talk about the issue:


The clean-up could include some very serious crimes.

In early December, she had called the Hunter laptop situation a “national security issue.” The man who exposed the Hunter laptop, Mac Issac, said that one of the things that frightened him was Hunter writing on the laptop that he wanted the name of a bouncer who threw him out of a bar so he could have him killed.


This is our President singing Happy Birthday to MLK III’s wife, whose name he does not know.


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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
10 months ago

Although not much will happen to the Bidens ( just like not much happened to Hillary despite mountains of evidence ) we now know why China and Ukraine were paying the totally incompetent drug addicted Hunter Biden Millions of dollars ; it was a ” disguised” payment for the national secrets the Bidens were selling.

Feinstein, Clinton, Biden, there is mountain of evidence of their crimes , yet nothing happens to them because the democrat crime syndicate is in charge of the USA, they control everything and everyone from the DOJ to the Media.

10 months ago

Let’s not forget, it was reported Biden didn’t want incoming Trump administration to be aware of the money in Ukraine. It seemed sort of innocuous at the time but with these revelations about Ukraine and UK suggest there could be much more.

10 months ago

The Raid on Mar-a-Lago was a Clean up operation also. All this is about gathering up incriminating information on Biden and trying it up in “criminal Investigations” to keep the information from Congress and the Public. In the mean time, the DoJ can Leak information to bloody up both and try to destroy President Trumps run in 2024 all the time saying they were fair.

10 months ago

The Biden Boys will skate on everything. Poor Joe will be deemed senile and Hunter a drug addict. This is a show to make us think there is still law and justice in America. There isn’t.