USA for Sale to “Master the Future”


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is meeting in Davos to decide mankind’s future – globally.

“Under the theme of ‘Cooperation in a Fragmented World’, we’ll look at how we can tackle the numerous and interlinked challenges the world is facing and find solutions through public-private cooperation.” the WEF said in a press release.

They are the self-appointed world masters, as Schwab has phrased it.

“We are confronted with so many crises simultaneously,” Klaus Schwab said.

“What does it need to master the future? I think to have a platform where all stakeholders of society are engaged – governments, business, civil societies, young generation…I think is the first step to meet all the challenges,” Klaus Schwab said.

That’s not true. There is no vote by the people, and no one elected them.

The Self-Appointed Master

One of the arrogant kooks at Davos, Ukraine’s Oleksandra Matviichuk, the head of The Center for Civil Liberties, claimed that victory for Ukraine means succeeding in democratic transformation and building a sustainable democratic institution.

It’s an absurd claim unless you are defining democracy as socialism. Ukraine is a corrupt, authoritarian nation run by a tyrant. President Zelensky is banning orthodox churches, throwing priests, journalists, and political rivals in prison, or allegedly making them disappear.

The EU has never helped any other nation, just this corrupt one that is, in some circles, reportedly serves as a money launderer for Western elites.

The EU Master

Selling the USA for Parts

There is so much corruption in America now. How do we survive? Washington State just lost billions to Nigerians on welfare who are illegally collecting. The story is repeated with so-called new Americans throughout the country. We are not getting their best, but the forced migration has only just begun. It is part of the Great Reset plan.

Shut it all down.

John Kerry is calling for huge sums of money. These lunatics in our country are selling us out to the WEF, China, and Ukraine. They are taking our money and resources and sending them all over the world.

If you are wondering why our energy system is being shut down, here is your answer from the master himself.

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