The Potentially Dangerous Red Pope


According to The New Daily Compass, Pope Francis shocked seminarians by tossing aside the Vatican’s prepared speech as boring. Instead, he ad-libbed and threw around vulgarities. He is also preaching some seemingly heretical doctrine. The reason I bring this up is he just defrocked a priest, Fr. Pavone, for using the words “God Damn” and possibly for his rabid anti-abortion efforts. Francis allegedly found it blasphemous.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that Fr. Pavone enthusiastically supported Donald Trump for his anti-abortion stance. Fr. Pavone has one issue — pro-life, and he is conservative.

Red Francis wants Italy to open its doors to the world.

According to testimonies from the seminarians, Francis ranted against “f***ing careerists who f*** up the lives of others.” The pope criticized “those who climb to show their a**,” the Italian media outlet Daily Compass reported on Monday.

Is it true? Many stores about him aren’t. The Daily Compass said that what makes this account different is there were several testimonials from the seminarians in attendance. They believe it is true.

Francis also denied the need for repentance to give absolution. That view does not conform to The Council of Trent.

According to Alfo Maria Valli, a Catalan blog, Pope Francis has lost a lot of his audience. Fewer people are coming to the Square, not as many follow him, and the audience is dwindling wherever he goes. The number who want to see him has also dwindled.

According to the article, based on testimony by seminarians, Francis is unhappy with the conservative training of priests:

“In the meeting with the seminarians, the pope made it clear that he is not at all happy with how future priests are being trained. He thinks they are too conservative, that they even intend to dress like priests (some with cassocks!) And they want to be too faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, that is, not to be loose-fitting.”

“In the ears of the Holy Father, all this sounds like a sort of return to the past, something against which he is fighting mercilessly, as lovers of the Holy Mass with an extraordinary rite know, who after Benedict XVI’s overtures now see how everything is forbidden and heavy.

He will wage war on the issue until his dying day.

“So the pope is willing to wage war on this issue, and in the time that remains to him, he intends to bring about a real revolution in seminaries to try to change things. The words addressed to the seminarians are proof of where he wants to hit. They show that he is not happy with the candidates for the priesthood from Barcelona, who, let us not forget, during an event organized by the diocese, manifested their sentiments by booing loudly when, during the reading of the diocesan proposals for the work of the Synod on synodality, those on female ordination and optional celibacy.

“The pontiff believes that Spain is one of the countries where the conservatism of seminarians is more pronounced, and for this reason, he has organized a canonical visit to Spanish seminaries to bring about a profound reform that will facilitate the changes he expects. For this purpose, he sought out two bishops of his kind, almost his compatriots, or Uruguayans, to do the job for him. The visit will take place in the coming months of January and February 2023 and the prelates chosen are Fr Milton Luis Tróccoli and Fr Arturo Eduardo Fajardo…”

He’s talking about abolishing conservative seminaries in Spain. Maybe he’s senile. If so, they need to retire him.

I am Catholic, attended Catholic school from PK-college, and have never criticized a Pope until now.

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