Garland’s Election Threat Group Is Meant to Imprison Political Rivals


On Tuesday, Jack Posobiec interviewed Mike Benz about the DOJ’s “Election Threat Task Force.” US Attorney General Merrick Garland is renewing it in time for the November. election

The DOJ is very corrupt, so everyone who realizes it, paid attention to the notice in March. Mike Benz closely monitors these attacks on our freedoms. He believes it is a “predicate by the Justice Department to say that anybody who organizes in person or online around election fraud concerns is effectively a criminal is effectively a domestic terrorist.”

Democrat communists

He said Garland is creating the idea of insecurity in the voting process. Garland suggests that questioning the election puts people administering the voting process in danger. Questioning the election allegedly intimidates election workers.

Benz believes that Garland “may be the most corrupt official in all of Washington,” adding, “One of the lessons from these past few months is that the Justice Department really is like the Strait of Gibraltar. It’s this narrow strait that you have to pass through for the whole rest of government to function. And what you just laid out there with Merrick Garland, not just creating these fake FBI attack dog teams to basically indict anyone who has a question about the election, but then effectively rigging the election by stopping states from being able to put basic checks on the validity of votes.”

They already did that with people who acted as alternate electors, which is perfectly legal.

We have already witnessed their two-tiered justice system, lies from Garland, and the persecution and imprisonment of political rivals. They are ready to persecute anyone who dares question the election, which they appear ready to corrupt.

Biden sounds like Stalin here:

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