People Here Illegally March to Abolish Ice


The only way to save America is to deport these illegal aliens. Democrats have recruited them and absorbed them into the party. Take this mob below demanding we abolish ICE. Many of the people coming in are communists, the same communists who are destroying California and even the country.

Hundreds of illegal aliens marched through New York City’s Times Square, calling for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They certainly have an interest in that, but they will join any communist Democrat protest. Whatever Democrats want, they will do. A survey found that nearly 80% of the illegal aliens coming in will vote for Democrats.

Several individuals in front of the group are seen carrying large banners. One reads, “Arriba [Up with] Las Vegas Worker Center.” Google it. It’s an open borders group uniting “day laborers, domestic workers, and other low-wage and migrant workers to defend their rights, fight for dignity, and win justice for all.”

You know that deep-pocketed American and foreign leftists fund these groups to destroy the country.

The other banner reads, “DALE – Accept Our Labor? Respect Our Rights!” That’s an interesting open borders group. Communist Democrats like Ilhan Omar, Jamaal Bowman, and Chuy Garcia called on DHS Secretary Mayorkas to assist the group in bringing illegal aliens faster.

Taxpayers pay for many of these anti-American groups.

Read the first three paragraphs of a letter sent to Mayorkas or read it here:

Once an individual has been approved for DALE, they should be able to renew “participation?” Who is DALE? When did they get this authority? They are getting the authority from communist Democrats.

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