Gasbag Jeff Flake Wants to See a Democrat Win in 2020


Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said Thursday that he would rather see a Democrat win in 2020 than have President Trump elected to a second term.

Flake made his comments at a debate in New York hosted by the nonprofit Intelligence Squared.

“Are you willing to lose a cycle for the Republican Party because of the principles that you’re arguing?” moderator John Donvan asked.

“Oh yes, yes,” Flake responded, citing Trump’s policies on issues such as immigration.

He would rather have one of these far-left lunatics win.

Flake wants open borders.

“It can galvanize people for a while, maybe for a cycle or two. But in the end, it turns people off. It turns off minorities. It turns off women,” said Flake, noting that anti-immigration policies such as those pushed by former Gov. Pete Wilson (R-Calif.) hurt the GOP in The Golden State.

“You sacrifice a generation, and you think, ‘Man, we might get some policy goals in the next year or two,'” Flake said. But he hoped the party took a longer view.

“Look at the long term. Look at the long term, at what you’re doing for the party, because people don’t want to be associated with it,” he added.

He’s always wrong and he is a progressive. His close friend and ally is commie Chris Coons.

Calling this debate ‘intelligence debates’ and then having Jeff Flake blabber is a bit of a silly idea.



  1. Jeff Flake you have the perfect last name, a name for a person of no character. May you rot in Hell for your traitor conduct. You are a “man” without a soul and thank God and Greyhound you are gone from the Senate.

  2. This event claimed it was for critical thinking, but was another Trump/conservative bashing session, with Flake speaking of principles such as “turning people off”.

  3. Jeff that is the reason you are not in Congress. Your name well describes you. You were never even a RINO you were always a DIMM in disguise

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