Gascon’s Aide Faces Prison After Abusing Her Office to Hurt Cops


Los Angeles District Attorney Gascon has a top official facing 11 felony charges. She is a tyrant named Diana Teran who illegally accessed over 1600 police officers’ private files over a nine-month period in one of her positions in LASD headquarters.

She then brought the data over to Gascon’s DA office in 2021, when she began working there, and used the information to try to put cops on the LADA office’s Brady list.

That is the list of law enforcement accused of misconduct. Being on a Brady list is very serious as it can taint prosecutions and overturn convictions.

“Prosecutors say the California DOJ began the investigation in 2022 after LA DA Gascon’s now Chief Deputy, Joseph Iniguez, allegedly threatened to put an Azusa PD officer on the LADA Brady list for arresting him during a traffic stop in December 2021. This investigation then led to Teran,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin wrote.

“Prosecutors say LASD had audit software on its personnel database files that was only known to some internal employees. The software logged and tracked every inquiry made and warned users that any unauthorized use is punishable by a felony. Through this audit software, prosecutors say they could see 14,687 inquiries that Teran made in the system, accessing over 1,600 peace officer files from 1988.”

She’s now charged with 11 felonies in connection to her unauthorized access and use of 11 peace officers specifically.

She decided to be a one woman judge, jury, and executioner. This woman needs to go to prison.

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