Rep. Bob Good Hasn’t Lost Yet


Bob Good was a terrific and reliable conservative, but because he supported Ron DeSantis for President, Donald Trump supported his swamp creature primary opponent, John McGuire. Sometimes, Donald Trump makes bad decisions, but I have to take the good with the bad. The RINOS lined up with Donald Trump to support McGuire, and Speaker Johnson sat it out.

Donald Trump was a good president, and I support him, but I don’t like everything he does.

The Blaze posted some of the groups who funded McGuire:

Main Street PAC, the political arm of the liberal Republican Main Street Caucus, spent $451,990 on the race — or just over 20% of all the money the PAC has raised for 2024 so far.

American Patriots, a super PAC funded by pro-Nikki Haley megadonors Paul Singer and Ken Griffin, spent more than anyone in the race, sending $3.4 million against Good and for his opponent, John McGuire.

Major Republican and Trump donor Marjorie Buckley set up Virginians for Freedom PAC to weigh in from out of state, putting another $762,000 toward knocking Good out of Congress.

The RINOs spent and wasted $10 million to back McGuire, and he barely won. He wouldn’t have won if the people had their say without influential ads and Trump’s endorsement. RINOs saw him as a rabble-rouser. Trump saw him as disloyal.

So, now we have a swamp creature. But it’s not over. There were some credible reports of election fraud.

McGuire is better than a Democrat at least.

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