Gender Pronoun Training for Police? Uh, No


How incredibly stupid does it have to get before political correctness — a hard-left value –collapses under the weight of its own sheer stupidity?

We imagine the Minneapolis Police Department feels the same way.

They have to actually suffer through training on an “infinite number” of gender pronouns, a source told The Minnesota Sun.

How do you learn an INFINITE number? We can’t imagine.

The whole idea is insane, but thanks to mass delusion perpetrated by radicals, especially in the media, everyone has to pretend it’s normal and acceptable.

We are being led around by a tyranny of the minority.

As police officers are under fire, at times literally, they have to worry about looking for “zes” and “hirs and zirs” and not offending any zirs perps and not misidentifying any demigirls, butches, epicenes, transgenders and on and on.



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