NY will provide free childcare to people here illegally learning how to get drivers’ licenses


New York is the 13th state to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, Judicial Watch reports. Not only will they be given licenses, but they will be given childcare while they take training classes on how to obtain a license.

This will be funded by the New York taxpayers.

The documents already come in every language imaginable, also printed at taxpayer expense.

Officials in some New York counties have filed lawsuits to block the measure, officially called the Driver’s license Access and Privacy Act but popularly known as the Green Light Law, from being implemented. It will take effect on December 14.

King Cuomo passed it in the summer. New York is 100% socialist Democrat now and the rest of the residents have nothing to say.


New York State Senator Julia Salazar, a former community organizer, and a Democratic Socialist announced this week that she is holding an “informational session” to guide illegal immigrants through the process of obtaining a license. Free childcare will be provided, according to the announcements, which were issued in English and Spanish.

New York is undermining national security. It’s a  sanctuary state with all the freebies going to people who break our laws, many of whom are criminals beyond breaking in and engaging in identity fraud. Now, they will have legitimate IDs with which to do anything a citizen would do.

New York is already deeply in debt. Illegals get free college, housing, food, licenses, and since it’s a sanctuary, so do criminal illegal aliens who wreak havoc on the citizens. It will certainly encourage more illegal immigration and who will pay for this as people with money get the hay out of New York?

This is insanity.

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