General Flynn’s Attorney Reacts to “Appalling” Mueller Hearing


Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell spoke with Lou Dobbs Wednesday night after the catastrophic hearings.

She said, “It was just appalling from every perspective on every level. It was an embarrassment for Mr. Mueller to allow his credibility and integrity to be put behind this investigation built on a fraud.”

When asked where it goes from here, Powell spoke of the need for “serious criminal ramifications” for those who orchestrated the Russian collusion hoax.

“Attorney General [William] Barr and [U.S. Attorney John]Durham have their work cut out for them,” Powell said. “Because to restore any faith in the justice system at all in this country and to restore the rule of law, they’re going to have to be serious criminal ramifications for the people who lied on the FISA warrants [and] abused power.”

Mueller acted like a bumbling, befuddled old man and he’s really not that old chronologically. My 91-year-old mother-in-law could have handled that hearing better than he did. That’s sad.

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