General Flynn’s family release a powerful statement on his behalf


Barbara Flynn Redgate released a message on behalf of the family in response to the release of new documents exposing the horrendous miscarriage of justice in General Flynn’s case.

It begins, “Abusive, intentional lawless actions committed against the Republic, the President of the United States Donald J. Trump, and his NSA Director and our brother, General Mike Flynn, by a vile cabal of thugs in the FBI, DOJ, and Special Counsel’s office threatened the national security of our country and all Americans.”

As she said, “massive corruption by the Obama-Biden administration pour from the pages of documents just released…”

She called it a “vicious attack” by “an illegitimate mob.”

The proof that General Flynn is innocent is “laid bare.” They called on Judge Sullivan for justice and to dismiss this case against the General who has lost four years of his life.

Sydney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney, has filed motions to dismiss in light of new evidence. We don’t believe Sullivan will relent. He’s a committed partisan.

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