General Mattis Has Problems Appointing a Muslim Brotherhood “Stooge”


General Mattis wants the Pentagon’s top civilian job to go to Anne Patterson, a loyal bureaucrat who you might remember from the Mohamed Morsi fiasco. If selected, she would become the undersecretary of defense for policy — the Pentagon’s fourth most powerful position.

She has served as an ambassador to Egypt, Pakistan, Colombia, El Salvador and the United Nations, and was President Obama’s assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs. On paper, she’s highly qualified, however, while serving Barack Obama, she advocated strongly for Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

At the same time, Donald Trump is attempting to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, something a number of Arab countries have already done.

The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to form a global Islamic Caliphate.

Reportedly, according to Fox News sources, General Mattis doesn’t understand why there would be any hesitation in choosing this obviously qualified person.

It’s hard to understand why he doesn’t understand for those of us who watched millions of Egyptians march through the streets of Cairo and elsewhere throughout Egypt condemning Obama’s dictator and his ambassador Anne Patterson.

There has been a lot of chatter about battles between the White House and his cabinet picks over staffing. This is the one that is becoming more public.

We know one thing for certain, the Egyptians would rather never see Anne Patterson again in their lifetimes. They hated her and called her the “Brotherhood’s Stooge”.

PJ Media reported that in the days leading to the revolution, Patterson called on Egyptians not to protest. She even met with the Coptic pope and asked him specifically to urge the nation’s Christian minority not to oppose the Brotherhood — even though Christians were naturally going to suffer the most under Morsi, especially in the context of accusations of “blasphemy.”

Soon after the revolution, she repeatedly tried to reinstate the Brotherhood to power.

Even Muhammad Heikal — “the Arab world’s most respected political commentator,” and for over 50 years an Egyptian political insider — said during a live interview that Patterson had assured the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hisham Qandil, who under Morsi was Egypt’s prime minister, that “there are many forms of pressure, and America holds the keys to the Gulf,” according to PJ Media.

She even demanded then-General al-Sisi communicate with the Brotherhood and she ordered the Egyptians to release Morsi.

We all love General Mattis but he  cannot be allowed to appoint her.

In case you’re forgotten, here are some of the placards seen routinely in the streets of Cairo.


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6 years ago

If he insist on putting her in that position then he needs to be replaced.