General McKenzie admits the US droned an innocent family in Kabul


US Central Command Chief General Kenneth McKenzie, who thanked the Taliban for their professionalism, admitted today that the family killed by a US drone strike was ‘likely’ not ISIS-K.

The US killed 7 children, a mother, an innocent aid worker, and an Afghan army officer about to get married. They did it on bad intelligence. There would have been intelligence if they had a plan before they fled and left citizens and allies to be slaughtered.

And where is Joe Biden? Why he is on an extended vacation of course.

“We now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K or a direct threat to US forces,” McKenzie said.

Shouldn’t they have known this before they struck?

Maybe they should not have been so eager to find targets to show they meant business?

Resign McKenzie!

The military commanders have been lying since the beginning. First, they said at least one was definitely ISIS-K, and then they said it was from an aftershock from the drone. They kept it up. It’s surprising they ever admitted it.

The WSJ reports:

“It was a reversal of the Pentagon’s position on the Aug. 29 strike from just days ago, when military officials said they believed that the strike was justified. Military officials said then that civilians may have been mistakenly killed, but that Islamic State militants had been stopped. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley had gone so far as to say earlier this month that the strike was “righteous.”

But after a detailed analysis over recent days, the military’s Central Command concluded that it had killed civilians and had missed its target, even though there was in fact an “imminent and active threat” in the area. Central Command’s top officer, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, acknowledged the car that was hit, a white Toyota Corolla, didn’t contain the militants they were targeting.

What about the other two people we iced right before that? The military leads us to believe they are definitely ISIS-K. Who believes them?

The NY Times praised that attack while knowing nothing and having done no investigation. Perhaps their investigation exposing the crime was a mea culpa.

Biden made us into monsters.

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2 years ago

McKenzie is talking about all the specific “intelligence” they had. He should be required from where that intelligence came from. He still maintains the secondary explosion narrative that it was greater than a hellfire missile. Then Newsmax cuts away. Worthless Damn “News” Outlet.

2 years ago

If the Military can drone an Innocent family in Kabul. What will stop a WOKE Military from Droning a family here in America? I’m serious.

Leopard Spots
Leopard Spots
2 years ago

Joe Chi Minh is busy with Super Mario Kart and he has almost reached the next level.
Dr. Fishnets is whipping up some apple sauce and orange juice for Jo Jo Magoo.
I kid, Anita and Ron are busy burning it all down by any means necessary and some towel head (sarc) collateral damage doesn’t bother them but Barry wasn’t very happy about it.
It has been going on for twenty years (civilians killed), why all of the sudden are they reporting it?