Whistleblower tells Fox the NSA’s spying on Tucker to take the show down


Tucker said on his show this evening that a whistleblower warned his show that the NSA is spying on him with a plan to take his show down by leaking information.

“The NSA is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off air,” Carlson said, admitting that it is a shocking claim and normally he would be skeptical of it, as it is illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens.

However, Carlson explained that the whistleblower provided details about a story that the show was working on that someone would only know from looking at his personal texts and emails.

The show filed a FOIA request to get any information they’ve collected. He’s asking Congress to look into this immediately. Only Congress can get an intel agency to comply.

Judging from what we’ve seen so far, Congress won’t get anywhere if they even take it up. And the media won’t care, not realizing they’re next.




  1. And this is surprising? Remember that it was 0bama who spied on Journalist he didn’t like too. Wilson put them in jail.

  2. …. Whistleblower tells Fox the NSA’s spying on Tucker …..

    Best personified in Foggy Bottom’s bastard-offspring-of-the-traitor-Alger Hiss-descended-brahmanas — and in that cancerous claque’s carefully-cloned-for-fecklessness Foreign(er-Service(ing) fools — the decades-long, definitively-traitorous, organized-sovereign-criminal, fascist-Marxist “democrats'” Deep-State’s insidious effective ownership, operation and control of America’s government is undeniable, is absolute and nowadays quite overtly runs the federal government as its own industrial complex.


    So, Good Luck, Mr Carlson — and Godspeed.

  3. Tucker was going to be taken down in December if he had not supported the election coup. That coup has everlasting major consequences. The criminals have no reason to stop what they are doing after the past 5 years of impunity.

    Intel agencies have effectively no oversight by congress of the DOJ, because those 2 entities have been infiltrated. Tucker does not cover that. Tucker has been doing a lot of stories about bad people being after him. Contrast that with conservative/libertarian purist Kara McKinney on OANN. Tucker knows where he is working, that Fox supported the coup and other coverups. Fox will remove Tucker, not the agencies. Fox and the agencies will work together on that.

    This is a great site but it could benefit with a subscription to OANN (and Newsmax). There’s a lot of info coming from those sources, which is missing here. OANN is no hype, Tucker is mostly hype.

  4. T.he nightmare you read about as a kid is here. it’s called the democrat liberal socialist communist take over of America. and in the middle of it you refuse to wake up?

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