George Conway Gives Nearly $1 Million to Biden


George Conway, who convinced E. Jean Carroll to sue Donald Trump, donated $929,600 to Joe Biden’s campaign. Jeff Clark asked, “Can we finally stop pretending he is a conservative?”

Kellyanne’s ex-husband will headline a fundraiser for President Biden in D.C. on April 24, Democratic sources tell Axios. It’s the most one can give to the Biden Victory Fund.

Conway enthusiastically moved to D.C. with then-wife Kellyanne, claiming he was conservative. He turned on Donald Trump and his wife and spent years ranting on social media about Trump and his wife.

Conway is pathologically hateful about Donald Trump. He co-founded The Lincoln Project, a fake group of conservatives who said Donald Trump is evil.

Conway’s troubled daughter Claudia is planning to pose for Playboy, moving to adult entertainment. It’s sad that Claudia has chosen this path. The Conways have four children.

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