George Conway finally calls for shutting down The Lincoln Project grift


The Lincoln Project had a pedophile, John Weaver as their founder and decided to cover it up so they could keep their grift going.

One of The Lincoln Project’s co-founders, George Conway called for the organization to be SHUT DOWN yesterday. This was after news leaked out that John Weaver tried to seduce another under-age boy.

Much of the millions of dollars that went into the fund appear to have gone into the co-founders’ businesses or pockets. We also don’t know what happened to the money for the documentary on Donald Trump that never came to pass.

They also had a “toxic” workplace.

The members of this vile group knew about Weaver and the boys for months.

Some of the top donors are: Pritzker family, Hollywood, Sequoia Capital Google, Lone Pine Capital, Aberdeen Inc, David Geffen Co, Bain Capita,l Geolo Capital, Senate Majority PAC, Sixteen Thirty Fund, and Do Right Inc.

The former chairman of Disney gave $100,000 to the Lincoln Project. Paul Geffen gave $400,000.

They put themselves up as moral arbiters and they’re pigs. They are even running moralistic and dishonest ads today:

One thing this proves is that everyone who hated Trump is worse than he is. They hired a firm to investigate their culture to try to save the money-making outfit. Then it came out that Hasting’s execs helped fund the Project.

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Winston Wolf
Winston Wolf
3 years ago

He thinks fast on his feet doesn’t he. Did he wait until the web page went down or until people started asking where did all the money go?
Comrade Conway will retort, well Trump is gone isn’t he.
If you ever need a lightning quick race car driver, George is available.
Hat tip to Dr. Savage for seeing right through the fraud wife way before anyone.
Thought leaders are good for that sort of thing.