George Santos Makes a Cameo for Sen. Bob Menendez


Do you know about cameos? For a fee, you can have a celebrity tape a message on the Cameo platform. George Santos, the now-expelled congressman, joined Cameo, and Sen. John Fetterman paid the $200 to have him send a message to Bob Menendez.

Sen. John Fetterman commissioned expelled Rep. George Santos to unwittingly make a video on the celebrity video message platform Cameo telling Sen. Bob Menendez – whom Fetterman has called on to resign over charges he acted as a foreign agent to Egypt – to “stay strong.”

“I thought my ethically-challenged colleague @BobMenendezNJ could use some encouragement given his substantial legal problems. So, I approached a seasoned expert on the matter to give ‘Bobby from Jersey’ some advice,” Fetterman, a Pennsylvania Democrat, tweeted Monday.

Santos adds, “You stand your ground, sir, and don’t get bogged down by all the haters out there. Stay strong. Merry Christmas!”

“I’m not anti-Santos. … Of course, he’s done some really bizarre kinda lying and everything. But if you expel somebody like George Santos, how can you allow somebody like Sen. Menendez to remain in the Senate?” Fetterman told CNN’s Abby Phillip on “NewsNight” on Monday.

Santos responded to Fetterman’s tweet Monday, saying he didn’t realize “Bobby” was Menendez.

“I love this! I wish I knew the Bobby in question! LOL,” Santos wrote on X.

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