George Soros Is Deeply Connected to Antony Blinken’s Family


George Soros Might Be Influencing Foreign Policy

George Soros — who just had one of his key apparatchniks, Neera Tanden, appointed as Joe Biden’s key secretary — is destroying the United States. Wherever he goes, he destroys. A new book, The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros, describes in one excerpt how Soros’s ties to Secretary of State Blinken affects State Department Policy using that connection.

The following is a partial excerpt/summary from the book:

Earlier in May, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced sanctions against former Albanian president (1992–1997) and prime minister (2005–2013) Sali Berisha, alleging “significant corruption,” and banned him, his wife, and his children from entering the U.S.

Berisha headed a center-right political party called the Democratic Party (a counterintuitive name from an American perspective) that was founded in 1990 after the ouster of the nation’s Communist regime. He is an ally to both Bushes and opposes the Albanian Socialist Party.

Blinken said in a statement that during his second stint in leadership, Berisha “was involved in corrupt acts, such as misappropriation of public funds and interfering with public processes, including using his power for his own benefit and to enrich his political allies and his family members.” No details or supporting evidence was provided. Berisha has insisted there is “zero evidence” behind the corruption allegations, asserting the U.S. ban was based on “misinformation” from outlets backed by Soros.

The sanctions happened out of the blue and were questioned by New York Republican Representative Lee Zeldin who saw it as out of the ordinary. He wrote to the State Department’s Bureau of Legislative Affairs for a detailed explanation.

Berisha blames Soros and told the Washington Times that he would fight the allegations proving there is “no evidence” for a defamation suit against Blinken in a European Court. He also challenged the Biden administration to produce any evidence of corruption. He stated that this is solely the result of actions by Blinken’s close friend Soros:

It is my deep conviction that this declaration against me has been based entirely on misinformation that Mr. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has gotten from a corrupted lobby process involving Edi Rama and George Soros, who are close friends. They have no evidence. None at all. If they announced one bit, I will be most thankful. But they have no concrete proof based on fact, not manipulation or slander.”…

…I have been an outspoken critic of George Soros and his close friend Edi Rama, and because of this, the State Department has made this allegation against me and blocked me. There is no other reason. There could be no other reason.

Berisha and Soros were once friends, but Berisha hasn’t played ball.

Berisha told the Times that Soros-backed NGOs have had vendettas against him since 2017 when he objected to changes in the Serbia-Kosovo border which would cleanse and shift populations. He alleges that US support for the swaps was engineered by Soros-backed groups and socialist Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Rep. Zeldin made reference to the Soros connection when questioning Blinken during a House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting in June about the drastic sanctions that came “seemingly out of nowhere.”

“What specific information can you share with the committee at this time to justify this dramatic move?” asked Zeldin. In response to questioning, Blinken denied having any communication with Soros, but said he can’t speak for anyone else at the State Department.

When pressed on the evidence for corruption, Blinken said that all proper protocols were followed while providing no evidence of corruption whatsoever.

You won’t get any honest answers from Democrats and there is no one with enough power to take them on. If Republicans would band together, it would be a different story.


Blinken’s own father, Donald Blinken, and his wife Vera funded the Vera and Donald Blinken Open Society Archives at Soros’ Central European University (CEU), which houses a digital collection of Hungarian historical documents. In one Soros Foundations Network report from 2002, Blinken’s father is listed on the Board of Trustees for CEU third after Soros (the chair) and Aryeh Neier.

Donald Blinken was U.S. ambassador to Hungary from 1994 to 1998, right as Soros was setting up shop there, and he and his wife had close ties to the socialist government.

The daily blog Hungarian Spectrum, which boasts Soros among its donors, celebrated Blinken as a potential secretary of state pick after the 2020 election because “Hungary will not be forgotten in the next four or perhaps eight years in Washington.”

After Blinken was confirmed as secretary of state, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet called it “great news for George Soros.”

George Soros, who said he sees himself as a “kind of god,” is currently eager to destroy the US Justice System. He wants to destroy everything and start over with his hard-left ideals. Watch:

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