George Soros is throwing $$$$ at AOC’s candidate for NYC mayor


Civil rights attorney, Maya Wiley, who was endorsed for mayor by communistic AOC, received a $1million contribution into a Super PAC from hedge-fund billionaire George Soros and a healthcare workers union.

Soros threw $500,000 at her and that was matched by the hard-left 1199SEIU, an influential healthcare workers union that has endorsed Wiley.

Via The Daily Mail:

Soros has ties to Wiley that date back to the 1990s and last month he dropped $500,000 into an independent expenditure group, 1199 for Maya, that backs Wiley’s City Hall campaign.

The contribution was matched dollar for dollar by 1199SEIU, an influential healthcare workers union that has endorsed Wiley.

The hard-left is buying the election with a further left communist than de Blasio.

Soros has been funding this woman and her organizations for years.

Unbelievably, Wiley presents herself as a candidate for working-class people in the city. She is just another stooge for the communistic billionaire George Soros.

Wiley has even said she would back a raise in the level income tax to 7% for those making $300k and 13% for those earning $100m annually.

She is a complete fraud:

Wiley wants to defund the police by a billion dollars a year. In the past, she has said she wants to disarm the police.

That is not normal. The only conclusion one can reasonably come to is that she wants to destroy the city with her brand of neo-communism and she is willing to lie to do it.

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