Georgia DA Preparing to Prosecute Trump Allies and Probably Trump


The New York Times obtained a letter with information about potential charges against Donald Trump to be announced in August. District Attorney Fani Willis, who ran on a promise to get Trump, asked judges in the first half of August. She is also asking her staff to work remotely for the first three weeks of August.

Willis is hoping to charge Donald Trump and a number of his allies. She will likely have her wish. The grand jury forewoman was a lunatic. Forewoman Emily Kohrs was interviewed on multiple media outlets to offer her dimwitted insights.


“The moves suggest that Fani T. Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, is expecting a grand jury to unseal indictments during that time period,” reports the NY Times.

According to the Times, she has asked for help with security in and around the courthouse. Willis is trying to work out cooperation deals with some of the defendants.

“Mr. Trump’s legal team is trying to scuttle the case with a motion, filed in March, seeking to quash much of the collected evidence and throw Ms. Willis off the case before any charges are filed,” reports the Times.

It won’t work since Fulton County is as corrupt as Manhattan or D.C.

A grand jury recommended indictments for more than a dozen interviewed in August, including Donald Trump.

Fani said her leadership team and armed investigators will remain in the office in August, and 70% will work remotely.

The FBI will “provide protective resources to include intelligence and federal agents.”  Some of her staff have bulletproof vests.

She must be thinking conservatives are Antifa or Black Lives Matter. That’s what the radical left wants everyone to think. This extreme reaction is more PR than reality.

So far the charges seem to be based on air and are only meant to hurt Republicans for the upcoming election. It’s another political persecution.

If this prosecution is based on the phone call asking the secretary of state to find TRUMP’S votes with a dozen people listening in, there is no case.

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