Georgia Governor Calls for a Complete Audit of Signatures


Governor Kemp of Georgia on Friday urged the state’s top election official to conduct an audit of the signatures on ballot envelopes.

The Republican governor made his comments during a presser. He indicated he would sign off on the certification of the election results after a risk-limiting audit of the election. So far, it looks like Joe Biden won by 12,284 votes.

“It’s important to note that this audit only looked at ballots, not the signatures of the absentee applications or the signatures on the ballot envelopes,” he noted. Kemp then encouraged Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to address concerns about the signatures.

“It seems simple enough to conduct a sample audit of signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes and compare those to the signatures on applications and on file at the secretary of state’s office.”

Thousands of ballots did turn up during the audit, but the real question is how many of the ballots were legitimate. That is the real question with mail-in voting.

Mail-in and absentee ballots voted in person are folded and placed in a privacy envelope. Yet the absence of creases was an issue in an overwhelming number of ballots for Biden.

A day prior to Kemp’s announcement, a Georgia federal judge denied a motion to block the certification, which was brought as part of a lawsuit by Lin Wood, an attorney working independently. Rudy Giuliani, the head of Trump’s post-election legal effort, said on Thursday that the Trump campaign planned to file a lawsuit in Georgia on Friday.



  1. Sounds like the Georgia Governor is attempting to save his political rear-end. He’s managed to do the near impossible, Both sides hating his guts.

  2. Have you ever heard the term, “Set up to fail”? That is what mail in ballots were designed to do, set up to fail and Democrats are banking on the swamp to not “discover” it in time to ensure a Biden win. Same way with the rigged voting machines and software. Thank God for Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and the others working tirelessly to uncover and overturn the fraud. If we had left it to the swamp including establishment Republicans this fraud would have always been suspected, never proven nor investigated and no conservative would ever again win an election.

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