Cuomo is now am Emmy Award winner!




New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a far-left Democrat whose daily briefings at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic received extensive airplay across the nation, will receive the International Emmy Founders Award on Monday.

This is after he killed thousands of older people with his horrendous policy of putting COV patients in nursing homes. Now he lies about it and pretends he never executed the policy.

The governor is being recognized in part for his use of television to inform people of the latest coronavirus updates at the height of the state’s outbreak in March and April, according to The International Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences, which granted him the award.

He is a good actor though. He lies so well. Why don’t we give him a Nobel Peace Prize too? He killed off all those belligerent senior citizens.

He’s great during these pressers as long as you don’t ask him a question.



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