Georgia Republican Trashes Hershel on CNN as the Host Snickers


Republican Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan appeared on CNN to say he couldn’t vote for Herschel Walker or Raphael Warnock, so he didn’t. The CNN host snickered. If Herschel loses, it will prove devastating for Republicans.

Sen. Ted Cruz explained to Clay Travis on the Clay and Buck show this week what it means to not vote for Herschel Walker.

“What else does it mean? Chuck Schumer has said if they have a 51-vote majority, they’ll be able to expedite their radical and dangerous agenda. They’ll be able to move it much, much faster. With a 50-50 Senate, it slows them down enormously. What else does it mean? I think with a 51-vote majority, the odds that the Democrats end the filibuster skyrocket. This last Congress, two Democrats stood up and said no, Joe Manchin and Kirsten Synema. I always thought it was Synema that had the real guts and was holding the line. And I think if Manchin…”

Then came the worst of it:

“If it’s only a one-vote margin, I think Schumer will get Manchin to role. And if that happens, if they end the filibuster, it means the Democrats, when they have a majority, will be able to do things like federalize all elections, strike down all election integrity laws, legalize every illegal alien in America, make the District of Columbia a state to elect two more Democrat senators, and pack the U.S. Supreme Court with four new left-wing justices to take away your constitutional rights. All of those are on the ballot in Georgia. So, I think it is incredibly, incredibly important to come out, support Herschel Walker, and vote in the Georgia runoff if you’re in Georgia.”

Geoff’s no Republican. He just gave his vote to Raphael, a Marxist, by not voting, but worse than that, he torched Herschel on far-left CNN.

RINO Geoff Duncan wants what the rest of Republican leadership wants – the end of Make America Great Again.

When Ted Cruz was on Clay Travis’s show, he mentioned that the Republican leadership wouldn’t fight for anything. He said they could block some of these bills coming up if Republicans stood together, but leadership won’t use their filibuster leverage in that way. “Republican leadership doesn’t want to fight on anything.”

Not one Republican criticized ole Geoff.


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11 months ago

RINOs know that if Republicans get control over both houses, the America First Patriots will also come after the RINOs.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

Duncan cares about his upward mobility, and the corrupt party is pointing him in the direction of anti-conservatism. The GOP is gone. The elimination of McCarthy as speaker is a good development, which I enjoy seeing, but there is no realistic hope for the party to support America.

In a decent party, an honest party, a pro-American party, a member would never go on leftist TV and trash the conservative candidate, thereby assisting the leftist candidate. Events like this never happened before Trump won in 2016. The GOP has declared war on America.

John Vieira
John Vieira
11 months ago

The ‘media’ IS themain problem…as usual…